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Our nursery started in the early 1990's as a result of a partnership between two avid plant collectors. We are a small, specialty nursery located in the United States in the state of California. The nursery is a mail order resource for antique roses, ornamental grasses and unique perennials. The climate in our region is characterized by wet, frosty winters down to 18 degrees F and long, dry, hot summers with days exceeding 100 degrees F. This allows our nursery stock to acclimate to extremes of both hot and cold temperatures.

We are open to the public during the main spring bloom on selected weekends. These dates vary from year to year, depending on weather. For these open garden dates, please contact us. Visitors are welcome by appointment at other times.

We are often asked about our interest in old roses. They are a great landscape plant. Their graceful form may be used as a shrub, screen, accent, or foreground plant. There is a size for any garden need. Most of you can enjoy their natural size and shape without much pruning or with just a light pruning. Old roses have multi-seasonal interest. Spring and summer flowers, fall foliage color for some varieties, and winter hips to brighten the garden and feed the birds. Many rebloom or are continuous bloomers through fall. Most have incredible fragrance. The plants are very disease resistant. Their history and background add to their appreciation; even the mystery of their presence lures one's interest.

What we grow

Our collection of unusual and heritage roses has been complemented by rescued roses from old home sites, cemeteries and abandoned lots. These plants have survived years of neglect and are worthy of preservation. Cuttings are taken from the original plant and then propagated at the nursery to perpetuate the found variety. These roses, although their identities have been lost to the nursery trade, have a place in any garden. Many of our rescued roses find their way into community gardens and collections of historic interest. Many times we have rescued roses only to find the original plants have later been lost to bulldozers clearing way for building sites or simply to herbicide spray from a well meaning but unknowing gardener.

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